Swiss-born rocker Gregor Morley has been electrifying audiences and thrilling listeners for years through his work with former bands Marmor and Stormbringer; and after some time away from the scene spent in Los Angeles, USA, he’s now back as a solo-artist backed by his own hand-picked All-Stars Rock Band. After spending time being inspired by the music-scene in L.A.
Gregor came back in full-force with the focus, energy and exciting new material.
After hours and hours of practice, writing, jamming and recording, three singles were released online internationally; “Roll On,” “Technology” and “Mad Men.”
2014 saw Gregor Morley writing and creating at a level higher than he’d ever reached before. Gregor Morley is more excited than ever before to share his latest and greatest creations in rock-music through his new album LUXE with the very city that helped inspire him, L.A. and supportive music fans around the globe.