Gregor Morley

Swiss-born rocker Gregor Morley has been electrifying audiences and thrilling listeners for years through his work with former bands Marmor and Stormbringer; and after some time away from the scene spent in Los Angeles, USA, he’s now back and better than ever before as a solo-artist backed by his own hand-picked All-Stars Rock Band.

After spending time being inspired by the music-scene in L.A., Gregor came back in full-force with the focus, energy and exciting new material he needed to start anew. After hours and hours of practice, writing, jamming and recording, three singles were released both locally and online internationally; “Roll On,” “Technology” and “Mad Men.” The support, feedback and ever-growing fan-base was every indication and confirmation Gregor needed to know that he was on the right track with his classic blend of rock music…and that it was music the people truly wanted to hear.

2014 saw Gregor Morley writing and creating at a level higher than he’d ever reached before. Completely inspired by the support for his music, his hard-work ethic and dedication sent him right back to the writing process to get new material ready for his upcoming album LUXE. After delivering fully on the high-expectations for this authentic and energetic rock through his past singles and previous work in his other bands, Gregor Morley is more excited than ever before to share his latest and greatest creations in rock-music through his new album LUXE with the very city that helped inspire him, L.A., and the entire world of incredibly supportive music fans around the globe.

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Mad Men

Gregor Morley

The song's about broken relationship and on too late insights.

Lyrics are reflecting life and laid down in a emotions-rock style.

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